Lion Temple
The Lion Temple
General Information
Type: Monastery
Purpose: To protect the entrance of Agharta

The Lion Temple is a sacred and abandoned monastery used by the Brotherhood of Shambalha to protect the Scrolls of Thoth.


The Vril-ya and their Struggle for PowerEdit

The Lion Temple was created after the great struggle for power of the Vril-ya. After the creation of Agharta, the Vril-ya had a power struggle with the world of the surface. The struggle ended with the Vril-ya sealing the entrance to Agharta in order to protect its sacred kingdom and keep the powers of the Vril-ya hidden. However, the Vril-ya that returned to the surface, returned with the Scrolls of Thoth as a way to return to Agharta if necessary.

The Brotherhood's ProtectionEdit

Upon returning to the surface, the Vril-ya encountered the Brotherhood of Shambalha, a group of humans who value the lives of the Vril-ya and vow to protect the entrances to Agharta. The Vril-ya gave the Brotherhood some of their power to be used to protect the Scrolls of Thoth.

The Brotherhood used their magic to place an enchantment on the scrolls and the Brotherhood kept the scrolls hidden within the Lion Temple, where the Brotherhood resides to stay hidden from others who deem to use the scrolls for evil.

Athena Voltaire's Message and Final ConfrontationEdit

During Ethan Storm's hunt to enter the kingdom of Agharta, Athena Voltaire and Desmond Forsyth entered the Lion Temple in search of the Brotherhood and the Scrolls of Thoth. Once within the temple, one of the monks of the Brotherhood, using magic of the Vril-ya, stops time and appears only to Athena and informs her of the danger to come.

The monk also informs Athena that she has a greater role to play in the confrontation with Storm. Athena is informed that she is ultimately the warrior predicted to stop Storm and bring peace to the Brotherhood and protect Agharta. Before ending the conversation, the monk tells Athena that she must go to the Rongbuk Monastery to stop Storm and retrieve the Scrolls to protect Agharta.

After delivering this message, Athena storms out of the temple and battles against a group of Nazi pilots attacking the temple. After defeating them, Athena tells Desmond where they must go and who they will find within the monastery. Desmond tells her that he did not see any monk within the temple and that they were only in the temple for a few moments before Athena ran outside to confront the Nazi pilots.

Once realizing the monk used magic on her, she ignored Desmond's confusion and ordered him to accompany her on their trip to the Rongbuk Monastery.

Return of the ScrollsEdit

After Storm and the Guardian of Agharta were defeated by Athena and Desmond, the Brotherhood retrieved the Scrolls of Thoth and returned them to their appropriate locations for them to be protected once again to prevent other possible attempts of stealing the scrolls.

The Lion Temple remained guarded by the Brotherhood of Shambalha and they continued to protect Agharta as they vowed to many years prior.