Guardian of Agharta
Guardian of Agharta 2
General Information
Species: Mythical
Location(s): Rongbuk Monastery

The Guardian of Agharta was a mythical creature ordered to guard the Rongbuk Monastery entrance to Agharta.


The appearance of the Guardian resembles creatures from ancient mythology. The Guardian comes in the form half human and half serpent as above the torso appears human-like and below is like a serpent.

The human appearance of the Guardian is in the form of a woman with two chests, one on top of the other. Each chest has two arms and two breasts, making the Guardian tall in figure and have four arms. The Guardian is not fully clothed, but, it wears ancient bras on both pairs of breasts.

In each hand, the Guardian is wielding swords that closely resembles Arabian swords. On the Guardians arms, it is wearing golden armbands that resembles Indian jewellery.

The lower side of the garden has no legs. Instead it has a long green tail to look like the body of a snake. The tail can move in any direction and The Guardian travels by slithering to its destination.


Agharta's Struggle for Power and the Roles of the GuardianEdit

Creatures of Agharta

Mythical creatures guard the entrances to Agharta.

The Guardian of Agaharta was created by the Vril-ya during the period of Agharta's struggle for power between the world of the surface and the Vril-ya themselves. With great fear that beings living on the surface would enter the kingdom and use the Vril-ya's magic for themselves, the Vril-ya created the Guardian of Agharta to guard the entrances of Agharta and only allow those who are affiliated with the Vril-ya to enter.

After ages of protecting the entrances to Agharta, the Guardian was turned to stone and was placed at the entrance to Agharta at the Rongbuk Monastery, still to prevent humans and other forces from entering Agharta.

Guardian at Rongbuk MonasteryEdit

While turned to stone, the Guardian still possessed the role of protecting the entrance to Agharta. Those who wish to enter Agharta, must possess the scroll of Thoth and perform a ritual by chanting an incantation of the Vril-ya. Once saying the incantation, the stone Guardian will turn to life and will judge to chanter to see whether he or she is worthy to enter the kingdom of Agharta.

If the Guardian should discover the chanter or those who seek Agharta unworthy, the Guardian will kill those who it sees.

Under the Command of Ethan StormEdit

Guardian of Agharta Blocking

The Guardian blocking Athena's and Desmond's shots.

After possessing the scroll of Thoth, Ethan Storm, along with his partners from the Occult and the Nazis from the Thule Society, captured Athena Voltaire and Desmond Forsyth to have them witness the ritual to reveal the entrance to Agharta. After Storm successfully says the incantation to awaken the Guardian, the Guardian's stone cocoon melts away and the creature is fully alive.

After fully awakening, Wallace Locke approaches the Guardian hoping to communicate with it and give him the powers of the Vril-ya. After noticing his real intentions, the Guardian uses one of its swords to stab Locke, killing him.

After the witnessing the death of Locke, Arvid Sterling and the Nazis started to fire their guns at the Guardian while Storm is in a trances due to the new powers he posses . The Guardian, with ages of skills of combat, blocked all of the men's bullets.

During the fight, the Guardian killed Wolfgang Dahlstrom and Rudolph Kreutzberg while Sterling fled.


Guardian of Agharta Destroyed

The Guardian shatters into pieces, freeing Athena from its grasp.

Athena and Desmond attempted to flee, however, the Guardian used its tail to wrap around Athena and crush her. Before Athena was to be crushed to death, a dying Dahlstrom told Athena that the Guardian may be invicible, but the one who possess is not. Realizing what Dahlstrom meant, Athena, while still holding her revolver, shot Storm.

As Storm dies by Athena's bullet, the Guardian releases Athena from its grasp and shatters into pieces, destroying the Guardian.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Guardian of Agharta Grasp

Controlled by Storm, the Guardian uses its tail to grab Athena.

Due to the Guardian having ages of protecting Agharta, the Guardian is very skilled in combat. The Guardian has lightning-fast reflexes, to the point where it is able to block and deflect incoming bullets from gunfire using its swords.

The Guardian also is able to use its tail to wrap around its victims and crush them with its tight grasp with probably intentions to break the bones of those it grabs.