Ethan Storm was a member of the Golden Dawn Theosophical Society and was working with the Thule Society to try to find the lost city of Agharta.


Working with the OccultEdit

Storm, along with, Arvid Sterling and Wallace Locke, were elders of the Golden Dawn Theosophical Society. It is unknown how long they have been elders of the occult. But, for years, the elders of the occult have been cooperating with other countries in order to obtain ancient artifacts to advance the lives of the elders and make the occult "unstoppable".

During the brink of World War II, Storm and the occult planned on stealing the Scrolls of Thoth to find Agharta and harness the powers of the Vril-ya. Aware that the scrolls are located in Malaysia, Storm made a deal with the Thule Society offering them a portion of the award for taking the Scrolls in exchange for allied reinforcements and cooperation in Tibet and Malaysia. After the Nazis complied, Storm and the elders set off to Malaysia to locate the Scrolls.

Meeting at the TempleEdit

Storm, Sterling, and Locke journeyed to the Lion Temple in search for the Scrolls. Upon arriving at in Malaysia, Major Yamada informed Storm of the Kempi-Ti's encounter with Athena Voltaire and Desmond Forsyth on the Dragon Lady.