Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady
General Information
Location(s): Hong Kong Harbor
Type(s): Carrier Ship
Purpose(s): Provide use of traveling across vast waters

The Dragon Lady was a ship owned by Sato Juro. It was docked at Hong Kong and destined to take Athena Voltaire and Desmond Forsyth to the Lion Temple.


The Dragon Lady is of East Asian Design and acts as a sail bot capable of traveling across vast waters. The Dragon Lady also appears to be of ancient design, most likely of Chinese influence. The date of it's construction is unknown.

Some time after its construction, The Dragon Lady was docked at the Hong Kong harbor and later bought by Sato Juro to be used for personal business.


News of Voltaire's ComingEdit

During the race for power in Tibet, Sato Juro was informed by his Chinese spies that aviatrix, Athena Voltaire, and Secret Intelligence Service agent, Desmond Forsyth, were on their way to Hong Kong in search of information on Agharta and the Scrolls of Thoth.

Upon hearing this, Juro informed his men to allow Voltaire and Forsyth to use the Dragon Lady to travel across the sea to Tibet to find the Lion Temple.