Agharta 3
General Information
Country: N/A
Type: Private City
Purpose: To provide a home for the Vril-ya and hide from the surface of the earth

Agharta is the lost city beneath the earth, created by the Vril-ya. It was also the home of the Vril-ya.


The ancient city of Agharta was buried underground to stay hidden from the world of the surface. The city was the new home of the Vril-ya. Due to the Vril-ya possessing the powers of Magick, Agharta contained advanced technologies that exceeds the technologies of humans on the surface of the earth. Agharta also house mythological creatures to protect the city from outsiders after the Vril-ya sealed off the city. Agharta was a city that was powered purely by magic and science. Due to the city being built before the dawn of man, little is known about the city except for the legends told by elders that left Agharta to guard it from the outside world.



The Vril-ya created Agharta after fire rained down upon the earth and destroyed their cities. To hide from the disasters of the earth, the Vril-ya took refuge bellow the surface of the hollow earth. Using their knowledge and capabilities of magic and science, the Vril-ya was able to create the city of Agharta within the earth's crust to avoid conflicts with the surface.

Life within AghartaEdit

Bending the laws of nature to their will, the Vril-ya was able to tame the hollow earth and using magic and their knowledge of science, they achieved rapid technological advances far beyond of the technology of the world on the surface. With the Vril-ya advancing beyond the humans on the surface, the Vril-ya began to care less about the world of the surface and feared that their new home will be taken from them.

To ensure that the world of the surface does not find Agharta, the Vril-ya used their magic to summon mythical creatures to guard the entrances to the city. However, realizing that not every human on the surface may have evil intentions, the Vril-ya also created maps and the Scrolls of Thoth as instruments and promise entries to Agharta. The Vril-ya trusted a small group of individuals to guard the maps and scrolls of Agharta and sent them out to the surface. This groups became known as the Brotherhood of Shambalha.

Sealing off the CityEdit

Creatures of Agharta

Mythical creatures guard the entrances to Agharta.

After the Vril-ya's struggle with the world of the surface, the Vril-ya placed their guardians and the monks of the Brotherhood of Shambalha at the entrances of the city from the world of the surface to protect Agharta from invaders from the outside world.

After the Scrolls of Thoth were placed in their appropriate monasteries, the remaining Vril-ya residing in Agharta hopped for the city to stray from outsiders. Many human sought to enter Agharta after the Vril-ya sent out the Brotherhood of Shambalha. Individuals like Ethan Storm and his allied Nazis searched for Agharta after knowing about the magic and technologies that resided in the city. Only a small few were able to enter the city. But those who had the intentions to find Agharta and use it's powers for evil, would have paid the penalty of death.